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The Crypto Converter

The future of currency is here!
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Crypto to Crypto

Convert from one crypto to another

Crypto to U.S. Dollar

How much U.S. dollar is the crypto worth

Cash to Satoshi

How many Satoshi do you have
currenshi app
currenshi app
currenshi app
currenshi app
currenshi app
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Why Us

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative trading strategies – don’t get ripped off by overpriced exchange fees

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic Confirmations – double check that the token swap is priced correctly

From Math to Conversion

Personalized tactics – keep you on a nice trajectory when managing your Crypto portfolio…how many Satoshi do you have?


Our Clients

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About Us

Who we are

Choose from over 22,000 cryptocurrencies.
Calculate and Convert in both U.S. Dollar and Cryptocurrency. Our cryptocurrency conversion calculator can put you at ease before hitting that “Buy”, “Sell”, or “Swap” button…

With a projected price of $1-million, many people will be scared off by how expensive One (1) Bitcoin will be. Most people were scared off by a $3,900 Bitcoin. We can buy fractions of a Bitcoin with the smallest amount being One (1) Satoshi. We should be accumulating Satoshi every day!
“curren” as in currency
“shi” as in Satoshi
“.io” as in input-output
How to


“The future of money is here!”

“How many Satoshi do you have…?”

“First of its kind crypto converter.”

– Website has a FREE converter

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