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Who we are

A co-pilot when Buying and Selling with the Swap tools and decentralized exchanges. Like an insurance policy, we want to be protected from being injured by overpriced fees and aren’t getting ripped off…

We are a decisive factor behind your success

We wanted to bring an all-in-one Bitcoin and Satoshi Cryptocurrency Coin Converter to the world. There are some basic and not very user-friendly web-based conversion calculators out there. With our jump into the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world back in 2017, we found that there was a need to help many people learn the simplicity and power of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Our Cryptocurrency Coin Converter will keep you on a nice trajectory when managing your Crypto Portfolio.

With a projected and future target price of $1-million, many people will be scared off by how expensive One (1) Bitcoin will be. Most people were scared off by a $250 Bitcoin. We can buy fractions of a Bitcoin with the smallest amount being One (1) Satoshi. We should be accumulating Satoshi every day (we can do that with the Lolli App). One (1) Satoshi is currently worth $0.00032…and there are only going to be so many of them, a capped supply. $320 will get you 1,000,000 Satoshi today, and you are a Sats millionaire…!


Leadership Team

B. Shiner

Founder & CEO

Mario Palmer

Managing Partner

Kelly Williams

Marketing Strategist

Big names to follow! But right now it’s anyone and everyone in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading world…